Monday, 4 June 2012

Preliminary Conference Schedule

Please note the schedule below may be subject to change. All those interested in attending please email the conveners at to be put on the conference mailing list.

Friday 14th September 2012
11.00-12.00 Registration (2nd Floor, Long Room Hub)
12.00-12.15 Welcome
12.15-1.45 PANEL 1: ‘Renaissance’
Arno Bogaerts: ‘From Superfolks to Supergods: Grant Morrison in the World of the  Superhero’
Philip Bevin: ‘Superman Beyond Binaries: An Analysis of how the Distinction Between Morrison’s “Renaissance” Superman and his Work for the New 52 is Undermined by the Persistence of New Ideas’
Val Nolan: ‘“Superman Done Right”: Action Comics and the Reconstruction of the Original Superhero’
2.00-2.30 BREAK
2.30-3.30 PANEL 2: ‘Superworlds’
Keith Scott: ‘“Let me Slip into Someone more Comfortable”: Fiction Suits, Semantic Shamanism and Meta-linguistic Magic’
Schedel Luitjen: ‘Final CrisisThe Return of Bruce Wayne and Neoplatonic Demonology’ 
3.30-4.30 PANEL 3: ‘Symbolism’
Darragh Greene: ‘“The Jungian Stuff”: Symbols of Transformation and of Life in All-Star Superman’
Kate Roddy:  ‘“Screw Symbolism and Let's Go Home”: Morrison and Bathos’
4.30-5.00 BREAK
Dr Chris Murray, University of Dundee [Title TBA]
6.00-8.00 WINE RECEPTION (Ideas Space, Long Room Hub)
Saturday 15th September
10.11.30 PANEL 4: ‘Good and Evil’
Muireann O’Sullivan: ‘God is Dead; Long Live Superman! Fan Culture and the Superhero as Messiah'
Nicholas Galante: ‘Our Father, Who Art in Gotham: Christian Symbols of Good and Evil in Arkham Asylum’
Will Brooker: ‘Batman Incorporated: Grant Morrison and the Dark Knight’s “Sci-Fi Closet”’
11.30-12.00 BREAK
12.00-1.00 PANEL 5: ‘Humanity and Superhumanity’
Jennifer Harwood Smith: ‘Killing a Hero: The Last Acts of Superman’
Shaun Treat: ‘Flirting with Fascism: The Utopian Mystification of All-Star Superman
1.00-2.00 LUNCH
2.00-3.00 PANEL 6: ‘Masculine Identities’
Tim Pilcher: ‘Transvestism, Transgenderism and Transformative Personalities in the Life and Work of Grant Morrison’
David Coughlan: ‘From Shame into Glory in Grant Morrison’s The Filth
3.00-4.30 PANEL 7: ‘Meta’
Charles Stephens: ‘Morrisonian Meta-Continuity Within the DC Universe: Creativity as the Ultimate Superpower’
Clare Pitkethly: ‘Alienated in the Pages of a Comic: The Self-Reflexivity of Grant Morrison’s Comic Book Characters’
Roy Cook: ‘The Writer and The Writer: The Death of the Author in Suicide Squad #58’
4.30-5.00 BREAK


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